Why a Fresh Start will change your life!

    ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’ – unknown

    Have you tried to diet on more than one occasion and given up? Have you joined a gym and either given up or not going enough to make it count? Have you tried different ways to lose weight but it keeps creeping back? And so a cycle of struggle continues for weeks, months, years, much to our frustration, so that it gnaws away at our self-esteem and the way we feel about ourselves. Often despite our best intentions many of us find that keeping to our goals is a never ending struggle.

    The key to changing this and to ensure success is to understand that losing weight, getting fit, reducing our alcohol in-take,  or any other intention to change is not the change itself but the way the change will make us feel. We do things to make us feel good! Sometimes we are reduced to short-term fixes, a bit of retail therapy perhaps? Getting our hair styled? Going on holiday? But more often than not these are just temporary sticking plasters that make us feel better, but as we continue to have a lack of self-belief, low self-esteem or poor self-image the chances of changing our behaviour and achieving our goals are severely limited.

    Fresh Start is a unique programme of motivational life coaching, personal fitness training and nutritional mentoring. This combination of life coaching and fitness training is a powerful process that moves you away from self-limiting thoughts and behaviours, instilling a sense of self-belief, optimism and capacity to change. Fitness training takes you to a new level. You learn the best way to exercise and get the results you want. No more running for 30 minutes on a treadmill and still finding that you don’t tone up or lose weight! Personal training that is focused and results orientated tones up muscle, loses the fat that you’ve never been able to shift and expert nutritional mentoring ensures that your eating habits change for the better whilst still eating and enjoying real food! A win, win result!

    Life coaching looks forward and helps you move away from self-limiting thoughts and low aspirations. It is this focused approach that changes your thinking as you invest in your future with lasting benefits. If you compare how much an annual gym membership costs with our Fresh Start programme you’ll see that the added value and benefits far outweigh endless trips to the gym and constant dieting as you gain a new lease of life and make the Fresh Start you deserve!

    Interested in knowing more? Contact Cheryl@oxfordlifecoaching.org  for a FREE assessment and consultation.


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