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    Making the right career choice is the pathway to personal success and happiness. Whilst other factors of course come into play and are equally important such as good health, being in the right job and working environment is a major contributor to our personal happiness and quality of life. As adults we spend nearly half our waking hours at work so if we are in a job that is unfulfilling, or the working environment isn’t a positive experience then that will surely impact on how we feel about ourselves and our lives generally. Can you truly say each morning that you are looking forward to the working day ahead or are you following a path of least resistance? Given the amount of time we spend working don’t you think that work should be a positive experience and not one that drains us physically and emotionally?

    For the majority of people, work is driven by a need for money but often the pursuit of wealth dictates what we do for a living and steers us in a direction that is set in stone as a pathway that we are destined to follow.

    For some of us already established in a career, fear of change prevents us from changing jobs, or making the move to do something different. For others, it can be lack of knowledge or set-backs when trying for a new job that reinforce feelings of inadequacy or belief in our own abilities to get to the interview let alone the job itself.

    Applying for a job starts with identifying the right opportunities, and then ensuring that your application gets noticed whether this is in CV format or an application form. How do you make your application stand out from the rest? Then the short-listing starts. What do you need to do to continue to shine at the interview stage? With first impressions being made in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone, getting things right during the interview is crucial.

    These days’ working for a charity is highly competitive and has become a much sought after career that attracts thousands of job hunters every day. Many people like the idea of doing something more ‘meaningful’ and where their work matters but make common mistakes and assumptions when applying for jobs whilst trying to make their way into this sector.

    In our new series of ‘Career Progression Seminars’ we start with getting a job in the Charity Sector to help those individuals understand what it takes to get your application noticed, how to excel at interviews, and crucially, how to play to your strengths and get the job you really want. This unique one day seminar gives a realistic and practical insight into working for a charity, what career paths are available and what skills can be transferred, or for those just entering into the job market straight from education, how you can strengthen your CV for maximum impact. The day includes information on how charities operate, what roles are available, where to find jobs, and crucially, practical exercises that will help you when applying for jobs and preparing for the interview. This workshop will look at real CVs and application answers, it will show you how to do the background research you need to give your application the edge; and underpinning this day is my insider knowledge and 25 years’ experience of working in charities, recruiting and interviewing staff combined with an understanding of what charities need and what they are looking for to leave YOU better equipped to get the job of your dreams.

    Further Career Progression Seminars will follow in other popular sectors. So come on! If your job is not satisfying you and you really want to take control and get the job of your dreams, invest in yourself and register now. This workshop is limited to a maximum of 16 places to ensure that we provide a tailored, bespoke approach to give you the best possible service. Register now and Join us in Oxford on 31st March 2017!


    Just graduated? Time to take stock of your life and get ahead of the game!



















    'If you continue to do what you've always done. You will keep getting what you've always got' Zig Ziglar

    If you've just graduated this summer firstly congratulations! What an amazing achievement and what a great opportunity for you to get the life you really want. You're in a unique position to take stock of what you want from life, decide where you want to be, and what you need to get there.

    It amazes me how many people fail to invest in themselves even though our life and our future is the most precious commodity we have. For those of us who are parents we see our children as the most precious of things but without investment in ourselves, our children will repeat our mistakes, take on our self-limiting beliefs and may not reach their true potential. An investment in ourselves is an investment that will add value and improve not only our lives but those of our family and those most precious to us.

    If you are a newly qualified Graduate, you may not yet know what you want to do, and why should you? Some individuals may have a clear idea or goal of what they want from life but most often, they are the minority, the majority struggle to be clear in their thinking, they question their decisions and procrastinate for a number of different reasons. Thus begins a cycle of self-limiting thoughts and behaviours that prevent you from reaching our true potential and achieving the life we really want.

    Get ahead of the game. Coaching can help you discover who you are, what you’re good at, where you want to be in your life, and how to get there. It will give you the confidence, self-belief and life skills that will differentiate you from the rest and give you a head start in life.

    A few tips for success

    • Everyone has the power to change things in an instant.
    • All the resources we need to achieve what we want are within us.
    • For changes to be of any value, they have to be lasting and consistent.
    • Raise your standards
    • Change your limiting beliefs
    • Change your strategy
    • Remember almost everything we do is to change the way we feel.
    • Most often we do not look at ourselves as the solution to our challenges.
    • We turn to short-term fixes that are often outside our control and use them as an excuse if we fail.

    Can you truly say that you wake up each day in a positive frame of mind, that you take time to reflect and appreciate the good things?  How often do you use lack of time as an excuse to not do something?  This is not about just time management, it’s about making decisions that will lead you towards your goal.  Life coaching helps you to be confident in your decisions and look beyond short term gratification. Often people allow their decisions to be dictated by their environment/circumstances instead by their own values.


    1. Life coaching helps with decisions about WHAT to focus on.

    2. It helps with understanding  what things mean to you and HOW IMPORTANT they are to you.

    3. You learn what decisions you need to make and how to do it to create the RESULT you want.


    If you’re interested in taking up our ‘Young Directional Coaching’ Programme, call us for a FREE trial session Tel: 07898 951 009

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